Skin benefits from water

One of the vital molecules – water – plays an important role in homeopathic treatment.

A grown man consists of 70% water; the particular concentration in brains – from 90%. Therefore, due to water’s characteristics, the body can easily read, capture, store or reject the information from the drug substance.

At the moment, when the molecule of the drug substance enters the water, the water molecules around it creates a crown or structure corresponding to the structure of the surface of the molecule of the respective drug molecule.

At each subsequent dilution, the water molecules will coincide, accurately repeating the first layer of the spatial drawing. Therefore, because relatively more water is present in the homeopathic preparation (i.e., the higher the dilution), the larger the amount of water spatially arranges and simultaneously increases the total energy exposure.

Not only the therapeutic effect, but also the mental state and body senses have always played an important role in body care. Cream texture, smell, and colour create the first impression and expectations even before its actual exposure. The composition of homeopathic remedies is uniquely able to combine aesthetic appeal with the therapeutic effect, of which people have been certain for decades now. The use of such cosmetics can both delight and indulge our senses and provide real healing effects for the skin.

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