How does homeopathy works in beauty and in INEX approach?

IN + EX means internal and external. Homeopathy makes it possible to take care of the skin both from the inside and from the outside, which gives INEX products uniqueness. Each cream has customised pearls (nutritional supplements) that contain the same active ingredients found in the cream, thus providing holistic and effective skin care.

What does homeopathy do for your skin?

With the help of homeopathy, INEX skincare products transmit healing signals through the skin, i.e. receptors in the skin that respond to signals from a homeopathic substance.

The homeopathic dose in the creams gives the body cells and skin the ability to regenerate through processes such as collagen synthesis (formation of connective tissue), oxygen uptake or hydration.
One of the main principles of homeopathy, similar to treatment with similar, allows to determine the composition necessary to prevent skin-related complaints.
The introduction of homeopathy principles in cosmetics allows to combine beauty with therapeutic effects. The composition of homeopathic remedies is able to combine aesthetic appeal with a healing effect.

Does homeopathy require an individualised approach?

Human skin is a unique organ – it protects the body from the effects of the environment and microorganisms; is a sensory organ; participates in metabolism and thermoregulation. Regardless of place of residence, lifestyle or other external stimuli, it works the same for all people. Such interactions are to be expected thanks to tropism (the response of a biological organism to an environmental stimulus) in each of us. Based on this fact, the purpose of homeopathic preparations is not to enrich the body with additional materials, on the contrary – to release the body’s impulses and ensure the regeneration of natural organisms. Thanks to organotropism, each specific substance works better on a specific organ or system, and thus it is possible to accurately predict the effects of homeopathic substances to improve various skin processes.

Is there a risk of side effects?

Each naturally occurring substance has specific properties and the body’s response to them is largely the same, so the effects of homeopathic remedies are predictable and do not involve the risk of side effects.
The novelty of the preparations is the use of a smaller amount to achieve a greater effect.
Thus, it is also possible to avoid allergic reactions and other pathological effects, which often occur from other cosmetic products.

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