Homeopathy in Beauty Care


Human skin is a unique organ – it protects the body from environmental influences and microorganisms; it is a sensory organ; it participates in metabolism and thermoregulation. Regardless of the skin’s location, type or other external stimuli, it works in the same way for all people. For example, dry skin will cause the same complications wherever a person is located. Similarly, while providing a specific healing stimulus, the condition of the skin for 95% of people will improve likewise. This kind of interaction based in a biological phenomenon called tropism (a response of a biological organism to an environmental stimulus) that is a part of each of us. While taking this as a guideline, homeopathic remedies are not intended to enrich the body’s additional materials, on the contrary – to release bodily impulses and to ensure a natural organism regeneration.
Homeopathic creams are body care products that dispense healing signals through the skin, i.e. skin-sensitive receptors that respond to homeopathic signals. A benevolent effect for the body is also provided by the cosmetic base, which is natural and absolutely friendly to the skin, and can be used without problems by both adults and infants alike. The creams’ sub-toxic or homeopathic dose gives body cells and skin the ability to regenerate through processes such as collagen synthesis (binding of the connective tissue), oxygen binding or moisturizing. The use of the homeopathic principles here is obligatory as it allows to use the healing substances in a pure form but at very low concentrations or high dilutions.
It is important to note that because of the intangible doses the homeopathic preparations are not addictive. While not disturbing the body’s natural biochemical processes, their length of use is unlimited. Because of organotropism, it is known that each particular substance acts better on a particular organ or system and thus it is possible to accurately predict the effects of homeopathic substances for the improvement of various skin processes. Also, one of the main principles of homeopathy – to treat similar with similar – allows determining the composition needed to prevent skin-related complaints. Understanding that each substance can be found in nature has certain properties and a specific body response to it is largely the same for everyone, the effects of homeopathic remedies are predictable and do not pose a risk of side effects.