July 19, 2018

Super-Herb ARNICA

Seeking Relief Through Arnica

The New York-based fashion designer Phillip Lim, who’d been traveling frequently and working hard, was feeling a bit puffy. “I heard of models and other designers taking arnica before big events or photo shoots, so I thought I’d try it out,” he said recently, referring to the homeopathic supplement arnica. “It’s supposed to slim you down because it flushes you out. And it clears up your skin.” Mr. Lim tried a three-day oral regimen of arnica before walking the red carpet, and was pleased with the results. “I did feel like my skin glowed afterwards,” he said.

“I did feel like my skin glowed afterwards”

Available in pellets, topical gels, creams and even massage oil, arnica is the latest of many herbal remedies to invigorate, if not intoxicate, the fashion crowd. Linda Fargo, the fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman, counts the pellet form as one of her fashion week survival must-haves, and the stylist Isabel Dupré has long been a fan. Derived from a yellow mountain daisy that grows in Europe and is also known as leopard’s bane, arnica has traditionally been used to treat bruising. It reputedly increases circulation by stimulating white blood cell activity, thereby decreasing the amount of healing time and reducing inflammation (source The New York Times).



Homeopathic Skincare DEEP Anti-Age Cream contains this amazing Super-Herb with proven effect on your skin:


– soothes and renews the skin after exposure of stress

– proven to fight free radicals

– antibacterial

– antiseptic

– anti-inflammatory properties

– help in preventing skin disorders


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