August 24, 2018

The Role of Skin in Homeopathic Healing Process

The Role of Skin in Homeopathic Healing Process


There are thousands and millions of chemicals our bodies are exposed to every day. Some of them we eat, some are in the environment and some are in our skin care products we use. Not everyone is aware of that these chemicals get inside human body.

More than 300 synthetic chemicals have been detected in human body tissues and secretions, including breast milk.

We wanted to share with you a research about how chemical ingredients in cosmetics and in the environment can have an impact on the skin and body and how it all impacts efficiency of any medicine we take, especially homeopathy.


According to Hahnemann, the skin should be left free to breathe and not be blocked by foreign substances applied to its surface.

The range of natural substances which can delay or interfere with the action of a homeopathic remedy is well-documented and established. There are other substances as well, first and foremost chemically-based cosmetics and also all the environmental pollutants, which we are exposed to on a daily basis that obstructs healing process.

Skin is the key organ in the elimination of internal toxins as part of the healing process stimulated by a homeopathic remedy.

It gets more and more difficult to avoid chemicals in everyday life but at least choosing well what we eat and what we put on our skin can keep us and even our next generation safer. Starting by eating real food, fresh vegetables and fruits everyday, going to the forest and seaside for a walk, to give your lungs some fresh air. Using organic skin care and household cleaning products.

There should always be paid attention to skin care and household products we use.

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