About Product

INEX products are characterized by three innovative features that will change your perception of skin care.

Homeopathic science in skin care.

The active ingredient in INEX products is the homeopathic potency of plants and minerals, that combines skin care with skin healing effect in one product.

Inside-out approach in skin care.

INEX products are designed as a skin care system: taking care of skin from outside and inside. Cream for external use + custom beauty pearls for internal use, providing a holistic skin care ritual.

Involve your mental state in skin care.

Products contain plant potentials that all have their message to strengthen your mental state. Homeopathy works holistically, in physical and mental level. Great attention is devoted to stimulating the inborn power of your body.

About Company

Company work is based on K.O. Charmer U Theory Model.

  • The value creation focus is to create a personalized experience together.
  • The client is a partner in a creation.
  • Organizational model is networked – production, interaction with the client and innovation.
  • Management mentality – the world arises when we choose to pay attention to it.

INEX Cosmetics is a company with a team all around the world. We do not have a certain working hours and employees do not work in the office from 9:00 to 17:00. We do not separate work, holidays, vacation. We just do what we believe and what we are passionated about. Nevertheless, our established “free” work system is effective and allows INEX Cosmetics to be well organised.

The core of our team is located in Latvia – green, nordic country. There we develop, research and produce.