What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a 250 years old holistic healing method that uses plants, minerals and even poisons. The task of homeopathy is to restore the balance in body, using internal forces and resources of a human body. With a very small amount of active ingredients you can awaken inactive body receptors and help body to heal itself.

Preparation method

Plants and minerals are diluted or potentiated and dynamized, that way obtaining an active ingredient that can efficiently work together with the body.

Role of water in homeopathy

One of the vital molecules – water – is also important in the treatment of homeopathy.

Grown-up person consists of 70% of water. Water concentration in the brain is from 90%. Therefore, the body’s information on the drug substance, due to the properties of the water, can easily be captured, stored and transmitted.

At the moment the molecule of the drug substance enters the water, the water molecules around it create a crown or structure corresponding to the structure of the surface of the molecule of the respective drug molecule. With each dilution, the water molecules will coincide, accurately repeating the first layer of the spatial drawing. Therefore, because relatively more water is present in the homeopathic preparation (i.e., the higher the dilution), the larger the amount of water spatially arranges and simultaneously increases the total energy exposure. The homeopathic effect is achieved, not based on the number of water molecules, but on modifications in their structure, as well as the activity of the water receptors in the body.

How does homeopathy work in INEX products?

IN + EX means internal and external. Homeopathy gives unique inside-out approach to your daily skin care ritual with INEX products. Each cream has customed pearls that contain the same active ingredients found in the cream, ensuring a holistic and effective skin care from within and from the outside.

What does homeopathy do for our skin?

A sub-toxic or homeopathic dose in creams gives body cells and skin the ability to regenerate through processes such as collagen synthesis (binding of the connective tissue), oxygen binding or moisturizing.

One of the main principles in homeopathy – to treat similar with similar, allows you to determine the composition needed to eliminate skin-related complaints.

By implementing homeopathic principles in daily skin care products it becomes possible to combine beauty rituals with therapeutic effects. Composition of homeopathic skincare products are able to combine aesthetic appeal with therapeutic effect.

Does homeopathy require a personalized approach?

Human skin is a unique organ – it protects the body from environmental influences and microorganisms; is a sensory organ; participate in metabolism and thermoregulation. Regardless of the skin’s location, type or other external stimuli, it works in the same way for all people. This kind of interaction based in a biological phenomenon called tropism (a response of a biological organism to an environmental stimulus) that is a part of each of us. While taking this as a guideline, homeopathic remedies are not intended to enrich the body’s additional materials, on the contrary – to release bodily impulses and to ensure a natural organism regeneration. Because of organotropism, it is known that each particular substance acts better on a particular organ or system and thus it is possible to accurately predict the effects of homeopathic substances for the improvement of various skin processes.

Are there risk of side effects?

Understanding that each substance that can be found in nature has certain properties and a specific body response to it is largely the same for everyone, the effects of homeopathic remedies are predictable and do not pose a risk of side effects.

The novelty of these products is the use of less amount to achieve a greater effect.

It is also possible to avoid allergic reactions and other pathological effects that often occur from other cosmetic products.