Dr. Inguna Vecvagare

Doctor, with 30 years of experience, create formulas of INEX Cosmetics products

When designing the products, my mission was to fulfill the promises. If it is a moisturizing cream, the main task is to attract oxygen. Based on characteristics of particular plants, the formula is combined to achieve the best possible effect. Our cells are smart and capable of recovering themselves, they just have to be healthy, and we have to give them energy. The pearls for inner beauty are designed to work with our cells from inside. The cream provides topical treatment, while the pearls act internally at the cellular level. If the skin is dry, this approach helps to solve the problem.
The introduction of homeopathic principles in cosmetics makes it possible to combine beauty treatment with therapeutic effects. It is also possible to avoid allergic reactions and other pathological effects that often occur from other cosmetic products.