Dr. I. Vecvagare – homeopath and a creator of INEX Cosmetics product recipes

We are so grateful and proud that Inguna Vecvagare, the president of the Latvian Association of Homeopaths, a doctor-homeopath with over 30 years of experience develops the recipes for our products.

“Homeopathic creams are skincare products that send healing signals through the skin, i.e. receptors deep into the skin which responds to homeopathic substance signals. 

Product cosmetic base is 100% natural and absolutely friendly to the skin. The homeopathic dose in the creams gives the body’s cells and skin the ability to regenerate through processes such as collagen synthesis (formation of connective tissue), attraction of oxygen or hydration. The use of the principle of homeopathy here is necessary when using the substances in creams in their pure form, but in a very low concentrations or high dilutions ”, explains Dr. I. Vecvagare.

When we talk about developing holistic beauty care products, it is important to involve specialists from very different industries – doctors, skincare specialists, technologists, cosmetologists, psychologists, anthropologists – so that each specialist point of view  merges into one approach, concept.
The beauty and health of the skin does not end with just applying the cream on the skin. It is a much deeper process that begins within us. INEX products are essentially integral. INEX philosophy is holistic and we see a person as a whole. That is why we are committed to creating a concept of integral, holistic beauty and skin health, based on the synthesis of different knowledge and taking into account both the physical and mental condition of a person.
We go from the inside to the outside.

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